Equine Explorations

Our Team

Sherry Simon-Heldt, M.S.
Licensed Addictions Therapist
Certified Grief Counselor
Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (2004-2012)
Certified Equine Interaction Professional-Mental Health
EAGALA certified (2006-2012)
Certified Holistic Life Coach
Member, Society for Shamanic Practitioners
Sherry practices Mind-Body-Spirit-oriented psychotherapy.

Sherry Simon-Heldt Sherry has been in the counseling field for  20 years, having worked in educational and community health settings before opening her own psychotherapy practice in 2002. She works with individuals and couples who present addictions, trauma, grief, and relationship issues.

Sherry's involvement with horses began as a young girl, riding each year at summer camp. For years she held to a dream of someday having her own horse, and living in a ranch environment.

That dream became reality when, in 2004, Sherry made the major decision to take in her first horse, Roco, and after that, “life totally shifted,” as she often says. She and her husband,Tim, went on to pursue education and training in the field of equine-integrated psychotherapy & learning, and  one-by-one, Cochise, Cabo, and Cisco, and Tonto have come into the herd. 

Along with facilitating equine therapy in her own practice, Sherry works with clients referred by other psychotherapists in the Tucson community, has provided equine therapy services to a Tucson women's treatment center, and established an equine therapy program at a residential treatment center in Central America. She has also developed and facilitated a number of workshops and trainings for professionals and clients, and has taught a class on Equine-Interactive Therapy/Learning through Pima Community College.
Since 2010, Sherry has offered mentoring opportunities for people interested in working with humans and horses in a therapeutic capacity, and has worked with students from the University of Arizona, Pima Community College, and Prescott College.  

During the past couple years, Sherry has been committed to improving her Spanish language skills, and has been traveling to different parts of Mexico, where she has made wonderful connections with people in Yucatan, Hermosillo, Patzcuaro, San Miguel de Allende. She also has taught an English conversation class at a Spanish language school in Tlaquepaque.

Tim Heldt
Certified Equine Professional

In 2004,Tim was also inspired to be with horses, and now works with Sherry and their herd on the Equine Explorations team.

Sherry and Tim
The main horses of Equine Explorations:
 Roco  (Quarter Horse); Cisco (Paint), Cabo (Shetland pony); and Tonto (Appaloosa mini)

In Memoriam: Cochise, our 22-year old Quarter Horse, who Transitioned 11/06/15. During the 9 years he was a member of our herd, he served as a Very Special Teacher for Tim and me, our barefoot trimmer, our friends whom Cochise carried steadily and safely on trail rides, and all the clients and workshop participants who were fortunate to experience his "old-soul wisdom." His Spirit will live always in our Hearts. 


Roco Cochise Cabo

Rico, the newest member of our team at 8 weeks (January 2015):
A Mini Australian pup, whose aspirations are to grow up and become a fantastic therapy dog... and accompany the horses on trail rides.

at two years, Rico has As Rico grew, he developed a special relationship with our Appaloosa mini, Tonto. Hay is (not just) for horses!